DataSets : ML

1. Kaggle Datasets:

- Kaggle is a popular platform for data science competitions, and it hosts a wide range of datasets. Visit Kaggle Datasets at to explore and download datasets for your mini challenge.

2. UCI Machine Learning Repository:

- The UCI Machine Learning Repository ( offers a collection of datasets for machine learning research. You can browse datasets based on various categories.

3. Google Dataset Search:

- Google Dataset Search ( allows you to discover datasets from various sources. You can search for specific topics and find datasets suitable for your challenge.


- ( provides access to a wide array of datasets provided by the U.S. government. It covers diverse topics and can be a valuable resource.

5. AWS Public Datasets:

- Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a collection of public datasets that you can access for free. Check AWS Public Datasets at for available datasets.

When choosing a dataset for your mini challenge, consider the following:

- Relevance: Ensure the dataset aligns with the theme or focus of your challenge.

- Size: Choose a dataset that is manageable for participants within the scope of the mini challenge.

- Documentation: Look for datasets that come with clear documentation describing the variables, structure, and context.